Saturday, November 21, 2009

Japanese goodness.....

These are the trusty Japanese instructions!!! Included was this little of gem of wisdom......

"The handmade things
give me spaceing mith the mistise"

Extraordinarily helpful that was.....

This was my finished version!!!....

Which looked pretty much like this I think!!

Aiko came back from Japan last week with these 3 gorgeous Japanese pattern books.

and this stash of wonderful fabric! Just gorgeous!

I don't think I did too badly really and I have realised again how much I have taught myself in such a short time about sewing. I was able to nut out things for myself and put it together with no cries of "help"!!!!!

As usual the binding around the arms was a bit dodgy but otherwise this sweet top will be a little summer nighty top for Izzy and I might make some matching shorties or bloomers for her. She is a HOT sleeper who gets blood noses frequently at night, so I'm always looking at ways to keep her cool!

I managed to get her to try it on and it looks SO cuteI will definitely make a few more for her! It looks super sweet on her, plus very cool for these already hot days we are having!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Henny Penny from MoederKip is having a wonderful giveaway after her recent 7 projects in 7 days!
I would love to win the Bjarne, as my poor J man misses out a bit in the sewing department!!

Check it out HERE!!

Apron swap!

In September I was part of an apron swap on Crafty Mamas!
It was my first time being involved in a swap and I was very nervous about my lack of sewing ability, in the end I made 2 aprons for my partner - hopefully this made up for my ability!

I receieved this gorgeous, bright and beautiful apron from Cherri! Isn't it just gorgeous!

Just in receiving it, I have learnt alot about finer details, the pleats in the bodice are gorgeous! The bow (which can snap on or off!) is cute as and the general way it was made is just lovely!
Thanks Cherri!! It has pride of place hanging on a clip on my fridge so I can grab it easily and people always comment!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

These are just the most divine dresses and I would love to make one for Izzy! I LOVE the beautiful buble skirt on the Miss Lily! TOOOOO cute!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Loving the learning journey....

The waist band is stuffed, took me 3 attempts!

The hem needs something (as I couldn't find a nice lace) maybe some white ric rak?

The pockets are skewed even though I have made them lots for the tunic top...


I have loved learning through this process! I made buttonholes for the first time ever AND I didn't call mum to work it out, but sat and read the instruction manual (shock horror!) I love that I have 3 more of these cut out ready to go as I know they will be infinitely better as I learn as I go!

Can't wait for my gorgwah girl to arrive home so she can try it on!

On a side note, Al has for around 12 years been telling me to get a hobby, I have one now and am obsessed and totally in love with making things!! Sewing rocks...and yes I'm a craft nerd now.

Peace out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another tunic!

This is from Ottobre 1/2009 #14 again! I love Otto! and I love this tunic, so versatile and just looks so gorgeous! I made some more errors in the casing and the elastic casing is a PITA - not sure I will ever be able to sew, stretch elastic and around corners all at once!!!

Sorry about the million photos of the same dress too - she's just so cute!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's birthday time....

and somehow I manage to create more work for myself each birthday!!

This year I decided on robots for James' party invites! Ivy from mothers group who runs Jump Cactus Design did the invites for me! I asked for a retro robot theme in red and blue and got this!! Gorgeous!

and so I spent the last 2 days sewing EIGHT robots.

That is 16 arms.
40 buttons.
Numerous errors and holes.
Some have square legs, some have rounded legs, some have both, some have nearly none....

There will be a little tag disclaimer for each mama stating that youngies shouldn't play and that I don't guarantee the wadding won't fall out on the way home.
They do look sort of cute though!!

Task over now I can bake tomorrow ~ Robot cake coming right up.

Have to mention that I just got asked by Miss 2 what I am doing, to which I replied,my blog, to which she replied
BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA...... ahhhh kids!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My disasterous Saturday sewing attempt.....

I hate wasting time and fabric although I guess I learnt alot in the process.

I used THIS tutorial and I don't think it is for beginners, well I found it difficult


A few bits seemed to be in a weird order. The whole thing is far too big but having no zipper if I make the chest piece smaller I think it won't go over my head properly. As you can see from the lovely side shot (no I'm not pregnant) it's shorter at the front because of my ahem, larger boobies.
I LOVE this fabric though and it makes me feel happy and summery so I will wear it around the house on warmer days when nobody will see it! Please excuse the just washed hair, it was 3pm before I got to have a shower. Nice.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tunic number 3......

I will lay this pattern to rest after number 4!! but this one is my best yet!

Hemming is neat, ric rac is gorgeous and generally went together beautifully! Ahhh Otto sweet Otto.

I have been a crazy lady today! People for dinner so I also made this.

Don't let the ugliness of the tray fool you. Was it my idea to pack the baking goods in a kitchen box labelled "NON-ESSENTIAL kitchen items" until we get to our new place? Crazy lady.

This is the most intense, lemony tart you will ever eat.....I'm drooling at the thought!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A new accidental dress for dolly....

Not sure why I wake up with these brainwaves....going to visit my gf today and her little girl is 6 weeks old. Hey, why don't I make her a dress! Today! I've known that I am going for weeks but hey let's do it on the morning of the visit.

Hey let's also chose a pattern I haven't made before with SHIRRING that I haven't done before!

Needless to say the pattern didn't work out -I used a measurement chart and thought, ok 44cm + 20 cms should be plenty.

Wrong. It fits dolly. Which is probably a good thing seeing as the shirring lines would make even a non-sewer shriek in horror.

Iz will be delighted with dolly's new dress, I think dolly needs a little top to go under it though as you can see her...... um fabric ;) And yes our poor dear has a bung eye, why 2 year olds have a fascination with gouging out the eyes of their loved ones I do not know. Lucky I am a whizz with the super glue!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first Otto!

Otto 1/2009 Tunic #14.........

Mistakes galore but I am happy with it for my first attempt and am off to bed!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting finds!

I was so excited to find these vintage sheets at my local op shop!! They match perfectly and are going to be my make before I buy my much drooled after boutique fabrics for my Ottobre patterns!!

The photo doesn't really do them justice - both are in excellent condition, are a medium weight 100% cotton and the colours are really bright and vibrant - the one on the left is actually quite green not blue (stupid camera - note to self: buy a new camera with tax return)!

I have already cut out no#14 of my Ottobre 1/2009 and just need to wait for the kidlets to go to bed to start sewing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday babe!

We had a birthday dinner for Al last night with some friends and I made this cake for my builder man! Oohhhh - he mentioned it also looked like a key - quite appropriate considering that our settlement went through FINALLY after 3 long weeks of mucking around!

Oh and I know this isn't sewing or sowing but I seem to be using this blog more than my other right now so whatever! I might need to change the name and combine the 2 I think!

Yep it's smudged and yes there are 3 tealights there representing turning 33! Very innovative don't you think!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reconstructed Tee....

Inspired by a post on Crafty Mamas, I decided to use a t-shirt into pants tute that I had bookmarked for ages!

This is the result, ahem hem...let's see, they are far too short in the seat, big around the waist (but fit James go figure must be the cloth bum!) and generally just not right!

It was fun to have a go but I think I will use my Ottobre issue for making pants with scrummy material I have for both Izzy and James! Iz calls these her Swannies pants, poor child looks to be a Sydney supporter!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sling Bags!!

I finally made this bag for me!
I've been complaining to Al that I don't have a good sized non-nappy bag that fits a few nappies in it plus my stuff! I have made it a few times for other people, but never for me! I also then decided that Izzy would have to have one too so made a half sized one. This really should have been 3/4 because it doesn't sling on her but she can still use it like a shoulder bag!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Top Kids Pinafore

I finished my first Top Kids pattern for a Pinafore dress for Iz today! It was slightly trickier than I expected but I did it! I'm not sure if Mr Owly will be staying. He is more than a little dodgy. I may add something though - maybe some ribbon or something because as it is, it looks a little plain. I'm not sure if I will add the pockets from the pattern.

Tracing the pattern, although seemingly confusing to look at, was easier than I expected, however I came across a few issues throughout.

Firstly I found it really tricky to work out the shoulders. Al and I worked on it for about 30 minutes before we worked out how to sew them so the seams would be hidden on the inside.

Secondly the elastic casing explaination was confusing so I made it up - probably not the best thing to do as a clueless sewist (is that a word?) but pppffttt it looks ok!

Thirdly the hem facing and hemline was a nightmare I need to fix it tomorrow!

All in all I am just a bit chuffed with myself and cannot wait for my Ottobre issue to arrive!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's back!

We have moved into our rental and I have my sewing machine here! Wooop!
So excited, plus I just put in an order for my first issue of Ottobre! I got a back issue from the beginning of the year, I think it is an Spring issue so perfect for me to get started soon. Now I just need to add to my piddly little fabric stash without Al noticing! Ah Crafty Mamas you will get me in trouble!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sergers and more.

I hang my head in slight crafty mama shame, but I didn't realise a serger was an overlocker until I read THIS today! Ah I love learning something new each day!

I also have been frequenting the CM forum and oh my goodness those girls know how to motivate a woman! I cannot wait to move in a few weeks and get my machines back and get into it again! Ottobre here I come!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My new blog......

Here I am attempting to cut down my time on the computer, yet starting a new blog! This one will hopefully help me spend more time off it and more time sewing and gardening. The gardening is problematic right now seeing as we are moving in 5 weeks time.

The sewing, also an issue seeing as my parents have my machines while we pack up this mad circus and move into storage and their house.

Yep, we are moving in with my parents.... it won't be so bad, I will be able to sleep in because I am sure my mother will adore being able to get up early with my children and feed them breakfast and entertain them!

I will have hours to spend sewing with her very able assistance and will be able to also spend hours planning the vegies I will plant in my great organic vegetable garden once we move.

Once we find a house.

Who am I kidding?

At this rate ALL my time will be taken up with house-hunting. We went through a house we are interested in last night. The appointment was made for us. There were 10 groups there. Today the house was open for inspection, they had 73 groups go through. There is a serious housing shortage in Melbourne right now particularly in the areas we are looking in.

But I digress. Sewing and gardening I WILL blog. Crafty mamas forums and blog will be my inspiration, along with the multitude of other blogs I follow...Stay tuned for the fun and frivolity that is sure to follow!


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