Saturday, September 12, 2009

My disasterous Saturday sewing attempt.....

I hate wasting time and fabric although I guess I learnt alot in the process.

I used THIS tutorial and I don't think it is for beginners, well I found it difficult


A few bits seemed to be in a weird order. The whole thing is far too big but having no zipper if I make the chest piece smaller I think it won't go over my head properly. As you can see from the lovely side shot (no I'm not pregnant) it's shorter at the front because of my ahem, larger boobies.
I LOVE this fabric though and it makes me feel happy and summery so I will wear it around the house on warmer days when nobody will see it! Please excuse the just washed hair, it was 3pm before I got to have a shower. Nice.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tunic number 3......

I will lay this pattern to rest after number 4!! but this one is my best yet!

Hemming is neat, ric rac is gorgeous and generally went together beautifully! Ahhh Otto sweet Otto.

I have been a crazy lady today! People for dinner so I also made this.

Don't let the ugliness of the tray fool you. Was it my idea to pack the baking goods in a kitchen box labelled "NON-ESSENTIAL kitchen items" until we get to our new place? Crazy lady.

This is the most intense, lemony tart you will ever eat.....I'm drooling at the thought!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A new accidental dress for dolly....

Not sure why I wake up with these brainwaves....going to visit my gf today and her little girl is 6 weeks old. Hey, why don't I make her a dress! Today! I've known that I am going for weeks but hey let's do it on the morning of the visit.

Hey let's also chose a pattern I haven't made before with SHIRRING that I haven't done before!

Needless to say the pattern didn't work out -I used a measurement chart and thought, ok 44cm + 20 cms should be plenty.

Wrong. It fits dolly. Which is probably a good thing seeing as the shirring lines would make even a non-sewer shriek in horror.

Iz will be delighted with dolly's new dress, I think dolly needs a little top to go under it though as you can see her...... um fabric ;) And yes our poor dear has a bung eye, why 2 year olds have a fascination with gouging out the eyes of their loved ones I do not know. Lucky I am a whizz with the super glue!


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