Sunday, August 9, 2009

Top Kids Pinafore

I finished my first Top Kids pattern for a Pinafore dress for Iz today! It was slightly trickier than I expected but I did it! I'm not sure if Mr Owly will be staying. He is more than a little dodgy. I may add something though - maybe some ribbon or something because as it is, it looks a little plain. I'm not sure if I will add the pockets from the pattern.

Tracing the pattern, although seemingly confusing to look at, was easier than I expected, however I came across a few issues throughout.

Firstly I found it really tricky to work out the shoulders. Al and I worked on it for about 30 minutes before we worked out how to sew them so the seams would be hidden on the inside.

Secondly the elastic casing explaination was confusing so I made it up - probably not the best thing to do as a clueless sewist (is that a word?) but pppffttt it looks ok!

Thirdly the hem facing and hemline was a nightmare I need to fix it tomorrow!

All in all I am just a bit chuffed with myself and cannot wait for my Ottobre issue to arrive!

1 comment:

  1. Tan, Well done! Just tracing a Topkids pattern off is a major achievement!!



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