Saturday, June 20, 2009

My new blog......

Here I am attempting to cut down my time on the computer, yet starting a new blog! This one will hopefully help me spend more time off it and more time sewing and gardening. The gardening is problematic right now seeing as we are moving in 5 weeks time.

The sewing, also an issue seeing as my parents have my machines while we pack up this mad circus and move into storage and their house.

Yep, we are moving in with my parents.... it won't be so bad, I will be able to sleep in because I am sure my mother will adore being able to get up early with my children and feed them breakfast and entertain them!

I will have hours to spend sewing with her very able assistance and will be able to also spend hours planning the vegies I will plant in my great organic vegetable garden once we move.

Once we find a house.

Who am I kidding?

At this rate ALL my time will be taken up with house-hunting. We went through a house we are interested in last night. The appointment was made for us. There were 10 groups there. Today the house was open for inspection, they had 73 groups go through. There is a serious housing shortage in Melbourne right now particularly in the areas we are looking in.

But I digress. Sewing and gardening I WILL blog. Crafty mamas forums and blog will be my inspiration, along with the multitude of other blogs I follow...Stay tuned for the fun and frivolity that is sure to follow!

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