Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My first Otto!

Otto 1/2009 Tunic #14.........

Mistakes galore but I am happy with it for my first attempt and am off to bed!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting finds!

I was so excited to find these vintage sheets at my local op shop!! They match perfectly and are going to be my make before I buy my much drooled after boutique fabrics for my Ottobre patterns!!

The photo doesn't really do them justice - both are in excellent condition, are a medium weight 100% cotton and the colours are really bright and vibrant - the one on the left is actually quite green not blue (stupid camera - note to self: buy a new camera with tax return)!

I have already cut out no#14 of my Ottobre 1/2009 and just need to wait for the kidlets to go to bed to start sewing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday babe!

We had a birthday dinner for Al last night with some friends and I made this cake for my builder man! Oohhhh - he mentioned it also looked like a key - quite appropriate considering that our settlement went through FINALLY after 3 long weeks of mucking around!

Oh and I know this isn't sewing or sowing but I seem to be using this blog more than my other right now so whatever! I might need to change the name and combine the 2 I think!

Yep it's smudged and yes there are 3 tealights there representing turning 33! Very innovative don't you think!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reconstructed Tee....

Inspired by a post on Crafty Mamas, I decided to use a t-shirt into pants tute that I had bookmarked for ages!

This is the result, ahem hem...let's see, they are far too short in the seat, big around the waist (but fit James go figure must be the cloth bum!) and generally just not right!

It was fun to have a go but I think I will use my Ottobre issue for making pants with scrummy material I have for both Izzy and James! Iz calls these her Swannies pants, poor child looks to be a Sydney supporter!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sling Bags!!

I finally made this bag for me!
I've been complaining to Al that I don't have a good sized non-nappy bag that fits a few nappies in it plus my stuff! I have made it a few times for other people, but never for me! I also then decided that Izzy would have to have one too so made a half sized one. This really should have been 3/4 because it doesn't sling on her but she can still use it like a shoulder bag!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Top Kids Pinafore

I finished my first Top Kids pattern for a Pinafore dress for Iz today! It was slightly trickier than I expected but I did it! I'm not sure if Mr Owly will be staying. He is more than a little dodgy. I may add something though - maybe some ribbon or something because as it is, it looks a little plain. I'm not sure if I will add the pockets from the pattern.

Tracing the pattern, although seemingly confusing to look at, was easier than I expected, however I came across a few issues throughout.

Firstly I found it really tricky to work out the shoulders. Al and I worked on it for about 30 minutes before we worked out how to sew them so the seams would be hidden on the inside.

Secondly the elastic casing explaination was confusing so I made it up - probably not the best thing to do as a clueless sewist (is that a word?) but pppffttt it looks ok!

Thirdly the hem facing and hemline was a nightmare I need to fix it tomorrow!

All in all I am just a bit chuffed with myself and cannot wait for my Ottobre issue to arrive!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's back!

We have moved into our rental and I have my sewing machine here! Wooop!
So excited, plus I just put in an order for my first issue of Ottobre! I got a back issue from the beginning of the year, I think it is an Spring issue so perfect for me to get started soon. Now I just need to add to my piddly little fabric stash without Al noticing! Ah Crafty Mamas you will get me in trouble!


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