Monday, November 16, 2009

Apron swap!

In September I was part of an apron swap on Crafty Mamas!
It was my first time being involved in a swap and I was very nervous about my lack of sewing ability, in the end I made 2 aprons for my partner - hopefully this made up for my ability!

I receieved this gorgeous, bright and beautiful apron from Cherri! Isn't it just gorgeous!

Just in receiving it, I have learnt alot about finer details, the pleats in the bodice are gorgeous! The bow (which can snap on or off!) is cute as and the general way it was made is just lovely!
Thanks Cherri!! It has pride of place hanging on a clip on my fridge so I can grab it easily and people always comment!


  1. That is one awesome apron. Good enough to wear out!

  2. omg that is sooo cute! I love it! I'd wear that! :)

  3. Ohh shucks - thanks for the kind post Tan. I am so glad you like it. That was my first swap too and it was fun!



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