Saturday, September 12, 2009

My disasterous Saturday sewing attempt.....

I hate wasting time and fabric although I guess I learnt alot in the process.

I used THIS tutorial and I don't think it is for beginners, well I found it difficult


A few bits seemed to be in a weird order. The whole thing is far too big but having no zipper if I make the chest piece smaller I think it won't go over my head properly. As you can see from the lovely side shot (no I'm not pregnant) it's shorter at the front because of my ahem, larger boobies.
I LOVE this fabric though and it makes me feel happy and summery so I will wear it around the house on warmer days when nobody will see it! Please excuse the just washed hair, it was 3pm before I got to have a shower. Nice.


  1. It is very pretty. I think a couple of things would make it look great.

    1. - You need to shorten your straps a bit - see how they are hanging at the front? I think your ampleness is holding up the top when these straps should be.

    2. - The back is too long. It is making a curve and hugging your bum. I think you should cut a bit off so that it sits just on top of your derierre`.

    Other than that I'm not sure that you need to change anything else - it looks very pretty and a lot of tops are this style nowadays and make us all look round!

  2. I love this top on you it looks great, with a couple of tweaks it will be perfect.

  3. Looking great - I certainly couldn't make that! Well done to you!



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