Friday, October 9, 2009

It's birthday time....

and somehow I manage to create more work for myself each birthday!!

This year I decided on robots for James' party invites! Ivy from mothers group who runs Jump Cactus Design did the invites for me! I asked for a retro robot theme in red and blue and got this!! Gorgeous!

and so I spent the last 2 days sewing EIGHT robots.

That is 16 arms.
40 buttons.
Numerous errors and holes.
Some have square legs, some have rounded legs, some have both, some have nearly none....

There will be a little tag disclaimer for each mama stating that youngies shouldn't play and that I don't guarantee the wadding won't fall out on the way home.
They do look sort of cute though!!

Task over now I can bake tomorrow ~ Robot cake coming right up.

Have to mention that I just got asked by Miss 2 what I am doing, to which I replied,my blog, to which she replied
BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA...... ahhhh kids!


  1. These look fantastic!! Very very cute!! But I am sure you are glad not to be making any more robots :)

  2. The robots turned out great!! I love the cute little design you've done for them.


  3. Oh the robots are very retro - gorgeous!

  4. Ohh, very cute robots!!!! Love em!

  5. Ahaha - they are so fun! They remind me of the robot fly things from Aqua Teen Hunger Force - have you ever seen that?!

    Very cool.



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