Friday, November 6, 2009

Loving the learning journey....

The waist band is stuffed, took me 3 attempts!

The hem needs something (as I couldn't find a nice lace) maybe some white ric rak?

The pockets are skewed even though I have made them lots for the tunic top...


I have loved learning through this process! I made buttonholes for the first time ever AND I didn't call mum to work it out, but sat and read the instruction manual (shock horror!) I love that I have 3 more of these cut out ready to go as I know they will be infinitely better as I learn as I go!

Can't wait for my gorgwah girl to arrive home so she can try it on!

On a side note, Al has for around 12 years been telling me to get a hobby, I have one now and am obsessed and totally in love with making things!! Sewing rocks...and yes I'm a craft nerd now.

Peace out.


  1. it's great, love the colours, and I am on the same road of sewing self discovery as you, sister!!!
    ha- my word verification was 'ilike!'

  2. Gorgeous!
    It's addictive isn't it :-)

  3. Oh wow Tania - that is a very pretty skirt - you have done really well and good on you for working out the button holes - that is not easy (at first).

  4. like i said, VERY pretty and like u, i never really had a hobby that lasted long. first it was letter writing, then postcard swapping but since i started sewing, i'm been hooked!! i think i found a lifetime addiction. lol :) btw, did u use cotton for this skirt?

    yvy @ mistyeiz

  5. yvy, the cherry/strawberry print is a lightweight cotton and the red is Top Pop (poplin?) both from SL!

  6. omg, u know...i used the same materials for mine! LOL poly-cotton for the skirt panel and poplin for the border. funny how we think alike eh? :)



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