Thursday, September 3, 2009

A new accidental dress for dolly....

Not sure why I wake up with these brainwaves....going to visit my gf today and her little girl is 6 weeks old. Hey, why don't I make her a dress! Today! I've known that I am going for weeks but hey let's do it on the morning of the visit.

Hey let's also chose a pattern I haven't made before with SHIRRING that I haven't done before!

Needless to say the pattern didn't work out -I used a measurement chart and thought, ok 44cm + 20 cms should be plenty.

Wrong. It fits dolly. Which is probably a good thing seeing as the shirring lines would make even a non-sewer shriek in horror.

Iz will be delighted with dolly's new dress, I think dolly needs a little top to go under it though as you can see her...... um fabric ;) And yes our poor dear has a bung eye, why 2 year olds have a fascination with gouging out the eyes of their loved ones I do not know. Lucky I am a whizz with the super glue!

1 comment:

  1. The dress looks great Bambi - try the shirring again on something else. I just did three rows for the first time ever this morning and I am very happy with the results! Will post a pic on my blog tonight.

    What pattern is this dress anyhow?



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