Saturday, November 21, 2009

Japanese goodness.....

These are the trusty Japanese instructions!!! Included was this little of gem of wisdom......

"The handmade things
give me spaceing mith the mistise"

Extraordinarily helpful that was.....

This was my finished version!!!....

Which looked pretty much like this I think!!

Aiko came back from Japan last week with these 3 gorgeous Japanese pattern books.

and this stash of wonderful fabric! Just gorgeous!

I don't think I did too badly really and I have realised again how much I have taught myself in such a short time about sewing. I was able to nut out things for myself and put it together with no cries of "help"!!!!!

As usual the binding around the arms was a bit dodgy but otherwise this sweet top will be a little summer nighty top for Izzy and I might make some matching shorties or bloomers for her. She is a HOT sleeper who gets blood noses frequently at night, so I'm always looking at ways to keep her cool!

I managed to get her to try it on and it looks SO cuteI will definitely make a few more for her! It looks super sweet on her, plus very cool for these already hot days we are having!


  1. Gorgeous top - and all those beautiful books and fabric!

  2. you are so lucky! have fun - the top looks great!



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