Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When the kittens are away....

the big mama mouse will play!

What better way to distract myself while the kids are at their first day in child care than to sew sew sew!! I really need to get cracking on my 12 in 12 item for myself but couldn't resist whipping up a couple of dresses for a friends little girl.

They move to HOT HOT HOT Jabiru (3 hours out of Darwin) at the end of the month plus it's her 2nd birthday tomorrow so I thought a few summery dresses would be nice!

Ahhhh 2 hours to go!


  1. oh that's adorable - I love the light pink one - the sleeves are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! I love both of them!

  3. They're both gorgeous - but I'm absolutely in love with the one on the bottom (and I have that fabric on the top too...heaps of it to make something for myself and DD). The sleeves are just to die for!
    Would you mind telling me what pattern you used?



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