Sunday, January 10, 2010

Geisha girl pillowcase dress!

This came together so easily and quickly! All cut up and sewn today with kids playing around me for a while

I still don't like sewing around corners so the arm bands are slightly wonky but better than previous efforts! I think it looks pretty cute and even the messing around I had to do with the pattern didn't mess up too badly, it's just not as A-line as the original! Izzy thinks it's cute too with the "ladies" on it.

Pattern is Ottobre 3/200 #18!


  1. You've got a beautiful little girl. Can you make me one exactly like her?

  2. That fabric is just amazing - and you've done a great job on the dress.
    Well done :-)

  3. This is a gorgeous little dress. The fabric is so suited to this dress, you have done a wonderful job. :)

  4. oh how cute she is - that dress is sweet on her - so simple but gorgeous!



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